{At the Farm} Gardening Galore

My dad's beautiful garden full of concrete raised beds* (read below) and their house in the distance. 

Talk about delicious… my kids eat their weight in fruit! 

Below: tomatoes (with the red paper covering) and peas towards the bottom. I can't remember what's in from to the peas. 

And this is just ONE of the many blueberry bushes!!! Give these baby a month or so and they will be ready! 

As for those raised beds (there are a lot of 'em!)… my dad made the forms himself, had the concrete poured by a local company, and then we (my dad, my mom, brother, Doug, myself and some others) helped put the concrete from the wheelbarrow to the forms, smooth them out, then my dad took off the forms and he and my mom gave them a texture (as seen above) on the sides. Labor of love!!! There is enough distance between them to mow the grass. Not all of his plants are in raised beds, but many are.

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