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On Saturday, I took the kids out to my parents' house, aka "the farm". It was the 4th anniversary of my brother's passing so we got together. We originally planned to go to the zoo with my cousin and her son to get out of the house, kill some time on a horrible day, and enjoy each other's company. However, the weather in Missouri has been crazy so that did not happen. Luckily though the rain stopped to have a pretty enjoyable day… or as much as one can have as we mourn the loss of my brother. 

Anyway, he would not have wanted us to be sad, so let's focus on some positives… 

My mom has the best luck with hummingbirds. She's now up to 4 cups of sugar water a day for these feisty little flyers. 

In their "backyard" (as in it's behind their house but not really a true yard), my mom made a Japenese inspired garden. It's absolutely beautiful. In it, she has two small ponds. One being below, the other being an oval shaped. She always has bullfrogs and other creatures.

And due to having so many frogs and toads… tadpoles!!! (all those little black dots for those who have trouble seeing them)

And a baby toad (or possibly a bullfrog, hard to tell!). Ignore all the dirt on my hand, I was holding him until Lily could come check it out and my mom could get a photo. 

More randoms are on my Instagram account, thebrickbungalow or #atthefarm (but lots use that… I need a personalized hashtag I guess!) 

Come back for a few shots of my dad's garden. It's insanely awesome and produces some amazing, organic food!!! 

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