{Gardening} Veggies and Fruit

We finally got our garden in! Doug finished getting the soil ready and planted our 7 new plants. They include a few varieties of tomatoes, a tomatillo, a purple jalapeƱo, and a poblano. I'll write down everything soon. Luckily they all have tags. This little garden has seen quite a few transformations but we like it as a veggie garden (although I miss the rock garden). 

Our raspberry bushes are doing very well! So too are the weeds… you wouldn't be able to tell that I've spent hours picking them out of these beds, but oh well. 

My dad also gave us one cucumber plant and one cilantro. Below is the cucumber. It's hanging out with the raspberries for now. So is the cilantro. We've had cilantro before and it'll take over, but I love it! I could eat it all the time, especially with Mexican food or salads. Lily loves cucumbers and as of right now, it's about the only vegetable she'll eat. Crazy child! 

Here's to hoping they all survive as we get into the heat of the summer. We've had some 80 degree days but it's not even June! Luckily we've had a lot of rain, so we'll just have to make sure to keep the plants watered as the heat rises.

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