{Front Door} Black Trim

Isn't she beautiful?!?! 

I finally got around to painting the trim around the door black. It only took three years to make it happen!! I've been busy though. 

I also painted the mailbox. I'm not sold on the color, although it's much better than the yellow. I love the color itself but not with the black and wood. I actually have another mail box to hang up but that involves drilling holes in brick and that's not my thing. 

Three years ago, I started the front door makeover by removing the paint. You can read about the fun times here. I remember the day I first took a scraper to the paint (after letting some paint remover do its thing) and my mom was there with me to discover that the once ugly door was hiding a beauty underneath! I scraped and scraped and scraped some more to get all the paint off of it. Then my dad, the super hero, flew in to the rescue and varnished it for me. Isn't he the best?! He also made new trim due to some issues of the original stuff falling apart. 

The front porch is far from over though. The ceiling (bead board!) needs to be repainted, the floor desperately needs painted, and the window sills all need painted too. I'd love to buy a new rug and a new welcome mat. I'm over the Welcome/Goodbye sign as shown in the first picture. 

And as a reminder of how far the door has come, here's a little collage: 
So here's a breakdown of what happened:
1. We replaced the locks (safety first!) when we bought the house. This left a rectangle near the door handle as you can barely see on the far left. 
2. We removed the mail slot. My dad did this. He's amazing.
3. I scraped and scraped and scraped paint. Layers of it. As shown in the middle three photos.
4. I removed the screen door metal pieces. There was never a door there since we've moved in.
5. My dad finished the door by varnishing it. 
6. My dad built a new frame around the door to cover up some issues.
7. And now, I painted it black. 
8. I also painted the threshold black for the time being. It may end up the same color as the floor once it's painted, but at least it's not multi-colored anymore (white, brick red, and bare concrete to name a few). 

Oh, and I never did a post over the actual screen door that my dad BUILT from scratch! That deserves its own post, although I don't have any other photos of it besides what you see above. 

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  1. What a makeover! I love the mail box color too, so maybe you could incorporate some other matching decor on the door to bring the door frame color and mailbox color together into a black and teal theme. It's amazing what a little scraping, varnishing and painting will do. I would never have known that that was the same door!


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