{Bathroom Remodel} Goodbye Ugly!

Say goodbye to this hideous bathroom….

OK… so in all honesty, that bathroom was painted before anything in this house was touched. The wallpaper ceiling "medallions" (aka cut out wallpaper circles) were removed. So was the wallpaper border, the cut out wall decal, and then everything was painted. The shower curtain was thrown away (or donated, I don't remember) and replaced with a new, solid color one. The trim was painted. 
But now, we are tearing it down to the studs to rebuild it all. 

New window. New trim (or all refreshed with white paint!), new drywall, new vanity, sinks, tub, toilet, paint. You name it! 

Come back next week as I plan out our bathroom in 5 installments. Day 1 starts with a floor plan and our floor choice. 

Until then, I'll leave you with the following photos because I started this post with such uglies…

In the above photo, which I did share a version on Instagram (follow me @thebrickbungalow), I had already hammered a hole into the plaster and lath wall. Doug then punched through the lath to reveal the other side of the wall (which was a part of the old closet in Lily's room that was closed up in that remodel). We need to punch through it all to measure the true depth of the new bathroom to know the size of the room so we can order the correct items! 

You can also see how I painted the room a nice mocha frappe color. I didn't bother removing the wallpaper here, knowing that eventually (now, finally!) that the whole room will be remodeled. 

And just because… a beautiful flower in Lily's Garden. I need to do an updated flower garden post to show all of the mid June growth. The day lilies, coneflowers, and annuals are all doing amazing. That'll come after the week of bathroom posts next week! 

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