{Tour} Barbie's House

When I posted Lily's Room Tour the other day, I realized that the Barbie house my dad made for her deserved its own post. He made it for her a couple of years ago for Christmas after I showed him a picture of the Pottery Barn version. He loves building her things and had already built her a giant, three piece kitchen set. 

My dad built it and my mom worked on decorating and furnishing it. So, not only did she get this amazing house, my mom bought her the furniture to go with it. Since then, Lily was received additional pieces, the RV from her grandparents, the car, and an IKEA set with matching IKEA furniture and a foldable house (it's right next to the RV for storage). I love how she has the striped black and white rug that I now want in my house too. 

The house now holds additional items such as the Littlest Pet Shop building. It's actually two separate pieces. One is the pet's building (or the shop) and one is Blythe's bedroom set … for those that are curious. My knowledge of little girls' toys is insane. 

Above the house, Lily has her collection of My Little Ponies on the board and batten we installed. There's a small collection of plushy keychains and a walking, talking dog that sit on the roof. Her teddy bear, pom pons, and pink rugby ball also call the roof home. Because where else would the pink rugby ball go to hang out with pom pons? In case your wondering, Doug plays rugby so he found her a bright pink ball. 

Every Barbie needs a bathroom, plus a sink (that really works) to wash the crazy, dirty dogs. 

Barbie has an eclectic mix of friends and furnishings. IKEA, Barbie, My Little Pony, doll babies, and Monster High all get along in the living room.

The bedroom has a bunk bed for family and sleep overs. It's decorated with an IKEA throw pillow. 

The house even has a garage… or two. An RV, a convertible, and a mini convertible (for Barbies' smaller friends…aka McDonald's toys) all have room to visit. 

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