{Nate's Room} Revamped

Honestly, I'm not sure if it even lasted a week like this. I thought it was great and it worked so well for us… the few minutes a day the kids are in here playing anyway. 

Welcome to Nate's room! I love this room and everything in it. It used to be Lily's nursery and had the brightest green walls. After years of living with them, I needed to tone them down. I had big plans for this room that involved board and batten and navy walls, but this gray is definitely a great color choice too. Many of the accessories were given to use or bought at auction (the old school map from a local elementary school and the Chinese Checkers board). 

The SEC pennants were my husband's idea and we found them online. I love the colors they add to his crib wall. 

This room has two closets. When/if we ever remodel this room, they will be combined into one large closet but both aren't too bad as is. We store a lot of his clothes in the corner closet (as seen above with the navy blue curtain as his the door) but the one is now home to this 2 by 3 storage shelf. It's a great place to hold extra toys, his shoes and hats, and anything else. 

This little corner was the home to the shelf system until it was moved into the closet. The chair and pillow are from Target. The red and gold art is from my grandmother's and is insanely heavy. The gallery wall needs some new photos but I like how it's almost all him (Lily's in a few shots). 

His wagon holds his stuff animals and some unwanted ones from Lily. He had a vintage one in here but it got moved to hold toys in the TV room. 

Like I said, it didn't last long like this. Well, everything is the same but a few things (the circus tent and wagon of stuffed animals are now displaced) due to getting a bed. But, we got a bed from my aunt and uncle, that meant Lily got a "big girl" bed (full size compared to her twin) so instead of storing the twin in the basement, it got moved to Nate's room. He is (hopefully) no where near moving into a twin. He's not even 2! Lily got this bed when she was around 4. She loved her crib, slept in it without any issues and then we turned it into a toddler bed. That worked really well. But we had the twin on hand, so we let her have it because she was outgrowing her toddler bed (the girl is tall!). 

Long story short - I was busy last week moving things around. Nate's room isn't perfect. It needs tweaking but it'll do for now.

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