{Back Yard} Mulch

This is almost my Secret Garden and I love that it's kind of tucked away. Lily's Garden is so out in the open (as planned) and now that we're focusing on the back yard, it's just for us. And you blog readers.

 Mulch! It adds so much to a garden! Don't you agree? I'm still not done, but I thought I'd show off what's been going on. We borrowed my dad's truck and trailer and bought three scoops of mulch from a local landscaping place. It's much cheaper than buying by the bag, especially for such a large space. Three scoops did just the right amount, not too much and not too little.

The photo above shows my hard work from Thursday morning. I focused on spreading out the mulch for the most part after Doug hauled from our front yard by our wheelbarrow. But here's where I started using more of our recycled items. The hexagon stepping stones were buried in our front yard under massive hedges and a gravel "path" that we got rid of to make room for our sidewalks. I knew, at the time, that I would want to reuse them but I was thinking of painting them for the kids area. Not anymore! I love the look of them by the dog house. I simply started by centering one nearest the dog house and going off from it. 

To the right of the dog house is where our dry creek will be. Some mulch needs to be removed, but I'll deal with that once I actually start making the creek. 

 I'm starting to love this little area. Sorry for the crooked photo, I about fell over due to tripping on the rocks and then hit my head on the trampoline. 

That rock looks small in this photo but I wasn't sure if I could pick it up. I'm guessing it weighs at least 60 pounds. It's not in its permanent spot but pretty close to it.

Looking back towards the deck and dog house. 

Do you mulch your gardens? What do you use? This is "dyed brown mulch" from our local spot. It's great, but due to being dyed, it will fade at some point. In Lily's Garden we have it too and it's been about two years and starting to fade. I think I'll add more to her garden next year to freshen everything up. I also added the mulch to the containers as well to top them off. It's like the icing on the cake!

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  1. Your backyard areas look so nice! I love how mulch can clean up the look of landscaping. I'm in love with your galvanized metal planters, by the way! Thanks for linking up at our first Dream. Create. Inspire Link party! Hope to see you back this Tuesday at 7!


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