{Bathroom} Primer!

Happy Monday!!! Did you have a good weekend? We went to my parents' house yesterday for some swimming. Lily spent the night and called me this morning asking me if she could spend another. But it was more of a telling me nicely than actually asking me. She loves it out there… but who wouldn't when you can swim first thing in the morning with both your grandparents? 

While she's out shopping, swimming and having fun with my parents, Doug and I are tackling the bathroom. Nate is at daycare for those of you wondering where the crazy one is. There's no way we could do chores with the tornado (aka TorNATEo). 

Anywho… let's get down to business. 

Doug (and Lily) started painting on primer over the weekend. We ran into a problem when we realized something broke off into the handle of our roller, preventing us from painting the ceiling and anything taller than Doug's arm could reach. But that's been fixed and now the ceiling has two coats of primer and the walls have at least one coat. We used up one gallon of primer (using Kilz 2). New drywall sucks up the paint!! 

I am so thankful we have the time to get this done without fighting a work schedule. We're both home for the summer and have around 2 weeks left before meetings start for the school year. We've got our tile picked out and the paint is all purchased. So big things are happening this week!! 

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Have a great day! 

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