{Bathroom} Drywall!

There's drywall!!! On Monday, the first piece went up (see below). It was a booger to cut and install in place. I held one end with my dad's long level while Doug held one side and my dad screwed it in. The rest of the pieces weren't that challenging, luckily. 

On Tuesday Doug had to go to work to take care of a few things (we're teachers so summers are normally off once Doug's done with summer school) so it was just me and my dad. My dad did all the mudding. He came back today to do more, plus put the corner pieces on (which are already in place in these photos).

Good news… the new vanity came and they took the broken one away. It's so pretty, I find myself just staring at it. I cannot wait until it's installed and I can see it with the wall color and the tile flooring. I'm so excited!! 

And in true project fashion, this remodel has created some side projects and talks of future projects now that my dad is here and our minds are rolling. Not only did this remodel create a basement bathroom makeover (in the works), we are discussing raised beds with my dad to be made out of concrete, like the 12 he has at his place. We have the perfect spot in our side yard that we were cleaning up today (right outside the window in the bathroom). More details on both projects later! 

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