{Bathroom} Random Updates

This bathroom keeps on ticking. There have been bumps along the way, like any major project. We are renovating an entire bathroom.

Last week seemed to be all about demo, some plumbing, and minor electrical. This week is slowly seeing big pieces of the puzzle come together. 

The bath tub was finally ready to be installed. The guys read the installation manual and ended up with this one night.

The bottom of our tub has the design you see in the concrete. It recommended letting it dry and then setting it in the next day. However, after letting this dry for almost 24 hours, they realized that it didn't fit the exact groves anymore so they had to chip it away and redo the whole thing. 

And so here's the tub, waiting for the plumbing and shower surround. It's so white and pretty and deep. I may actually take a bath now! 

Then there's the vent you see below… or parts of it anyway. The ceiling was dropped down, roughly 6-8" or so to allow the vent to have a home. It also has allowed for 4 can lights to be placed throughout the room and some extra stuff. 

The white ceiling is the original bathroom ceiling (plus the piece that was ripped off). The wallpaper and wood combo ceiling on the left is what used to be the top of the old closet we stole from Lily's room. 

I mentioned that insulation was added too. They laid the 2x4's flat to keep from taking up extra space and put foam between those boards. There is now foam on top of that as well to help insulate the wood too. 

And this plumbing drain line… why can't things just be easy?!? The pipe going down through the floor ran smack dab in the middle of the exhaust pipe from our new HVAC system. So, my dad had to fix that to make this drain properly. But, good news…there's TWO sinks for our bathroom. Kids on one, parents on the other OR girls on one, boys on the other? Decisions, decisions! 

If you follow the blog on Instagram, you'll see more up to date issues and pictures. The biggest issue is our vanity. It came in with a broken top and backsplash. It, hopefully, has been completely dealt with and will be arriving next week (fingers crossed!). 

I also have ordered, and returned, two medicine cabinets. One was broken. My dad offered to make them so we will have them after he has time to make them (like after our bathroom is done but I'm totally happy with living without medicine cabinets while he makes them with REAL wood!). 

If I'm not posting on here or IG, it's because I'm off enjoying the pool with my kiddos. I'm totally enjoying my parents' pool now that the Missouri heat has kicked into high gear. I'll post non-bathroom posts soon, hopefully. 

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