{Bathroom} Demo Round Up

So much has happened to this little room (that once looked like this…ugh). We've done so much that I've broken down as the days have progressed, but I thought I'd do a round up to summarize the whole event. It'll pair nicely with the before photos and the soon to be after photos. 

We gutted the room. Everything, and I mean everything, was moved. Wallpaper, tile, the vanity, tub, toilet, even the window! Plus, plaster and lath and a wall (seen below) that allowed us to increase the size of the bathroom. It used to be one of the closets in Lily's room that we covered up, moved her closet over, and made room for this day. 

The first set of studs you see, with the plaster and lath, is in the original bathroom. The second set is what will be the new wall. The drywall is the back of Lily's big closet. We stole those couple feet as it didn't hurt her room that much but it'll make a huge impact in the bathroom. 

Once everything was removed, it allowed my dad and Doug to see what they are really working with. More things were removed, such as the plumbing you see here (from the original vanity) and then the holes in the floor were dealt with. Many things were also dealt with that didn't provide the best of photos as they dealt with electrical and plumbing throughout the house. 

The new window was installed (7 down, too many to go for the whole house!) and a vent was also installed. There was never a vent, so now we have one. Carpentry work was also done.

They dropped the ceiling down between 6-8". They are originally 9' ceilings but due to adding a vent and some can lighting, we needed to drop it down. Luckily they're tall to begin with! A wall was also added to frame in the tub/shower combo.

This week will actually see a lot of visual progress and not just electrical and plumbing. I hope to continue doing some live blogging as they progress. We have a few minor things to buy after I finally bought the medicine cabinets over the weekend. I did buy a wall sconce for between the two cabinets but after talking to my dad, he gave us one of his old schoolhouse globes that we will be hanging from the ceiling between the cabinets.

One big purchase we haven't done yet is the flooring but that's only because I don't want piles of expensive tile sitting in our already junked out house (hello storage rooms!!!). I look forward to this being done and having my house back as school/work is just around the corner. 

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