My Brother's Birthday

Today would have been my brother's 36th birthday. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him but it hits a little harder on certain days - the anniversary of his death, his birthday, family holidays. 

I wrote more about him here and everything I wrote then is still the same. I still have trouble believing he's gone. My mom and I have talked about this and how it'll hit her at random times and how we sometimes feel that he's just been gone for awhile and that he'll be back at the next family function. It's the every day gatherings that we miss him the most in. Sure, holidays are hard, but we were a close family and we got together a lot. My parents have a pool that he never got to swim in and I know he'd have a blast throwing my kids into it. He never even got to meet Nate. Lily still remembers him even though she was only 2 when he died and I know she misses having that special uncle. Kids always loved him and Lily was definitely not an exception. 

I saw this quote on Pinterest last night and thought it was fitting. It's definitely true, except I'm not sure we feel whole. Physically, yes, but there's always that piece missing

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