{Basement Craft Room} Back Wall Storage

Happy Thursday!

I shared the image below on Instagram (follow along at thebrickbungalow) on Wednesday. It's slightly changed since then as some of the pictures are now hanging on the wall but before I finish completely, I thought I'd update the blog with the progress shots. 

This is the back wall that I've taken a few progress photos of. Behind the framed images (see below), there is a closet. It will eventually get some work done on it but for now let's pretend it's just a wall. It is one of three pass throughs to the other side of the basement… if you're a cat… meaning I need to block it off from a certain black cat. 

Here it was before I spent the entire morning yesterday bringing down items from my upstairs office. The little table on the left will get painted as it was just a cheap auction buy. The table on the right is in perfect condition, an antique (I believe from my aunt) and the top can open to double the workspace. It'll be my little sewing area for now. Meaning it'll hold my sewing supplies as I actually suck at it. 

And here it was when I moved the black shelves down. They were being used elsewhere in the house and I was able to steal them away. Ideally, I'd love a wall of built ins but this isn't the type of house that will get those (meaning there could be moisture issues still so I'm going cheap and functional for now). 

Just to remember… here it was before anything. 

And then before anything got painted…. 

The photo above shows our broken lights. We did find out they work so now to find some nice, flush mount lighting options that won't break the bank!!! I'm all for doing this space as frugal as possible… this momma still needs to enjoy summer and have money for vacation! 

Hope your week is going well. What are you up to?? 

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