{The Farm} Blueberries and Birthday Cake


Can you see the frog?? It's in a metal fish my mom has hanging from a trellis. It's been dry and hot lately, so he's hanging out in the shade. And pretty camouflaged! 

I have a whole series of pictures of my dad and Lily eating blueberries together so when this opportunity presented itself, I couldn't help but take photos. 

And yes, he's bottomless and barefoot. He needed help across the rocks. I'm not sure where his diaper went to but he knows he can pee outside at the farm (getting him to understand that its ok there vs other places is an issue). 

And a collage of cuteness as he shoves his tired face with blueberries. Never a dull moment with this kid! 

And not to forget big sis. She's the brave soul that tried out the pool. It was a little cold for the rest of us but she loved it. It's since warmed up and we've swam a few times. 

Also going on at the farm was my mom's birthday. We celebrated with a swim and some of their close friends (who are more like family than friends really) and I made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I also made a grasshopper pie and a jello salad but only photographed the cake. Nate thought it was his and kept poking it. It's a good thing he's cute. 

So good that it involves both hands! 

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