Thursday, August 18, 2016

{Life Lately} Throwback Thursday

While prepping my old office to become Doug's new office, I found a bunch of photo disks. I had to look… and so I've taken a walk down memory lane and will be posting a few of the goodies here. For those that follow me on Facebook, you've seen some. 

But I thought I'd share some of the house ones on here. I FINALLY found that I did take a picture of the dining room with the string curtains… just not an up close. Now let me say that these string curtains were just that, strings. It wasn't anything even close to the macrame type yarn art that is going on today. And they were dingy.

Remind me why we bought this house?? Umm.. never mind. 

Here's the dining room in all of the dark red (with black glaze) glory… This was pretty much everything from the previous homeowner, minus the glassware in the cabinet and the place mats on the table. Back in 2007…  

And the dark guest room before it became a dumping ground and then eventually Lily's room

However, I did take a photo of those curtains up close!!! 

 And then there's the middle bedroom that once started out as my office (before I stole the upstairs office from Doug) then moved to Lily's room and now is Nate's bedroom. My stuff, previous homeowner's paint choices. 

And just so I don't leave your eyes burning with those hideous paint colors (which, I can say have all been taken care of), I'll leave you with this oldie of the snow before we ripped out the giant hedges, the lamp post, and the other bushes and everything else we've done to create a welcoming front yard and view into Lily's Garden

Too bad those two whiskey barrels didn't last. We brought them here when we moved and after the first winter, they were trash. Also… I'm so glad our neighbor's house isn't mint green anymore! 

I love these photos only to show the progress that has been made. Now if only I could remodel my kitchen and do a before and after on that one! Some day!!! 

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