{Tour} Lily's Room

After posting Nate's room (before the bed switch), I realized that Miss Lily's finished room has never made it on here. We documented the creation of it and how we took it down to the studs, ripped out both windows, moved a closet, and built it all back up but we never took finished photos. I blame the pregnancy on that one. And a busy schedule. 

Anyway, almost two years later, here it is. It's a bright, colorful, little girl's dream come true. 

We recently upgraded her twin to a full with the donated mattress from my aunt. The bed frame matches the night stand and the dresser (plus a small rocker that's not in the room) and it was my grandmother's. I inherited it almost 20 years ago when she passed and used it until Doug and I upgraded to a king. 

Her My Little Pony plushy collection sits next to a few other favorites on her bed. She fixes these so they stay like the picture.  

A few favorites, above, that she sleeps with. The sheep is a pillow pet and she normally uses it as a pillow. 

I had to have the Rise & Shine canvas before I even found it and I, luckily, snagged the last one at Target years ago. The Lily perspective drawing was one I created as an example in my classroom then framed and gave to Lily. It's pencil and colored pencils. 

Her room isn't large but definitely fits all of her stuff. Next to her bed is her night stand. Inside holds most of her books (we have a huge collection in our living room but these are typically "her" books), plus a basket on top holds her recent reads as we cycle them through, a jar of Squinkies, and her lamp. She picked out the lamp and loves the bright pink. 

Her dresser is covered in a lace doily that was on there when my grandmother had it. It's been covered in the glass forever and I love it. On top is more of Lily's collections - jewelry, more My Little Ponies, and her toys. She made the recycled melted record bowl and it holds random stuff. Right now it's small toys, lip stick, and bubble gum to name a few. 

Above her dresser, when this wall was for her bed, we hung an IKEA hanging system for her artwork. I don't recommend them in bedrooms but with it being by her mirror now, it keeps the art from moving and making too much noise at night (which was something she had issues with for awhile as she likes to sleep with her fan on). 

This amazing doll house deserves its own post soon. My dad built it after I saw it on Pottery Barn's site. I loved it and so does Lily. She doesn't play with it as much as I thought, but she's only 6. I loved playing with Barbies growing up and would have loved this house. I typically made one all over our playroom floor out of books for walls after my doll house fell apart (it was plastic and a weird thin masonite/cardboard type material).  

As you first enter her room, you almost go through a small hallway. There's her toy closet on one side and her gallery wall and hooks on the other side. She loves the gallery wall and adds to it occasionally (or wants me to add more too it) and she loves the hooks. It can get a little messy but that's when I step in and remove bags and clothing. Right now it holds her random bags, her Rainbow Dash sweat shirt jacket, and her softball things - her bag and helmet.  

 I didn't take a picture of her closet but it's just to the left of the board and batten in the above photo. It's a nice size closet with double mirrored doors. She loves it. 

We actually moved her closet into her room a couple of feet to make the bathroom bigger (once we get to that…soon!). It did make her room a little smaller but nothing too bad. It'll make a world of difference in our bathroom though so stay tuned for that! 

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