Saturday, June 17, 2017

{Lily's Garden} Early June Update

Hi Friends! Have you been reading about our back yard chicken adventure? We got them in early May and we've been spending a lot of time (and money) on them. Luckily for me, the garden has come in strong this year with only two plants that haven't returned. I replaced one but it died too, so I may switch directions. Other than that, I think it's looking good, don't you? 

The lilies are blooming like crazy right now! This is one I picked up a few years ago to add some height and variety. It angles down which is so pretty but very hard to photograph. 

Below is a shot from before some of the lilies bloomed. Above is the most recent full garden shot. I'm trying to show more updates this summer and I'm already slacking so come back for more garden shots! Or check me out on Instagram @ thebrickbungalow - I take the pictures but they don't always get on the blog. 

And now my coneflowers are blooming and I love them. They're so pretty in all stages of their bloom - even the bright green buds.  Don't you agree? 

The daylilies will be blooming soon and then who knows what! I don't have a lot of late bloomers so maybe that's the next plan? I've run out of room though so here's to hoping all the lilies and coneflowers keep going! 

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