{Upstairs} Painting the Impossible

So, as you can see we have a small area that was impossible to reach with a paint brush. It's at the very top of our stairwell and one of the last walls that needed painted. It was one of the first areas I wanted to get to yesterday because it needed to be fixed!

This photo shows where it was... you can see how we could reach only a few feet in from either side....

A close up ....

The paint brush. I taped it on to the end of one my broom. Yep, my straw (hay?) broom, not just the broom stick. I needed the other stick to attach to my roller. Did you know you could do that? I didn't have a "real" pole for my paint roller, so I attached one of the poles from my mop. I've used my other broom stick too but I couldn't find it yesterday. However, we have a few mops around the house and so I stole a pole. But yesterday while I worked, I only could find this broom. So it got put to use, and worked just fine.

Here's how I did it. I made sure there was paint on the brush and just brushed as neatly as I could while holding a broom over the stairwell. I rolled what I could but the brush was definitely needed to fill in the white area.

And some how, I didn't get a final picture. I'll get one, but it probably won't happen until the whole room is done.
I'm also now thinking of what to put on this wall. It's the biggest wall we have in the room and I've been wanting to do a photo collage... should I do it here? Or just downstairs where more people can see it? Maybe I need to do a painting? I won't do anything until we move back up there and live with the blank wall for awhile. Then maybe something will come to me.

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