Easter (part 1)

This year's Easter was a little different than previous years, but it was a lot of fun as well. Our family normally has someone who volunteers for the meal but with everything going on this year, it appears that everyone was busy doing their own thing and it just didn't happen. I was going to take on the challenge but then my brother's girlfriend mentioned going to an all you can eat buffet at one of the hotels. So we did that - all 12 of us (my parents, Doug, Lily and I, my brother and his girlfriend, his girlfriend's parents, her brother and his girlfriend, and my brother's girlfriend's fav student). It was a lot of fun. The food was delicious, no one had to worry about cooking and cleaning, and we enjoyed the time together. We did meet up at my brother's house and then went back there for awhile afterwards (and did an Easter egg hunt at their house for Lily). Here are some photos from after dinner (should have gotten one before, but oh well).

This one is just too cute. She did not want to take the family photo below (3 of the 4 family photos have her legs all in weird poses because she was dying to get down to play). So after we gave up, I let her go and my mom caught her in movement... It is definitely her normal behavior now that she is a month away from being 2.

She was not happy to take this photo, but we have one almost similar to this (same position of all of us) from last year, so it'll be fun to compare in years to come.

She found our basket to her... Elmo and Sesame Street everything! She has become obsessed with him lately (as do all 2 year olds) and so I decided to get her a stuffed toy and some figurines from Target's Easter/dollar section (gotta love the price!... except the stuffed toy, it's just a regular toy from Target). She really likes the Sesame Street spiral notepads and she already has two, so I bought her the other two versions for her basket. They are great to keep in my purse with a pen or crayons so she can color or scribble when we're out.

Here are the bunny ears that most of you saw on Facebook. She actually kept them on for a little while today, but then took them off for the rest of the day once she got tired. Luckily I got some pics of her (and her daddy!) in them.

And this is at the buffet, as she was leading us into the room. "Come on" is a favorite phrase of her's right now, so she'll say it a lot when she wants to go somewhere. And of course, having 11 people to look at her and do as she says, she was eating up the extra attention!

Lulu, my brother's dog... she couldn't decide to play with the soccer ball or chew on a stick, so she did both!

Lily and Mary

Uncle Jesse and Lily, playing soccer. Lily does a really good job of kicking the ball!

Lily and Mary playing with Lulu.

Walking with her eyes covered.

Bumping heads after Lily walked across the yard with her hands over her eyes.

Lily playing after walking with her hands over her eyes. "Tada!"

Lily checking out one of their cats, Vito. Isn't he beautiful?! Their other cat, Leia, is very similar in markings. They both have really pretty blue eyes too. :-)

Lulu... isn't she beautiful?

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