Easter (part 2)

The second set of pictures... from the Easter Egg Hunt! I think Lily is still a little young to really get the whole idea, but we did it anyway. I had put candy in some plastic eggs earlier (mainly for us adults, but we were all too full to eat any!), but we put those out for Lily. She went around, picked them up, and tried to open each one after picking it up. She would then take a piece of candy (jelly beans, chocolate, malted milk Robin eggs), and then we'd be able to get her to find another piece. She gave some of the eggs away to people watching her. She's really not a huge candy kid (we don't give her much, if any, at home), so she enjoyed the little bit that she got. I'm sure next year will be a completely different story so we may do real eggs or do something else inside the plastic eggs. We'll deal with that when next year arrives.

Here's Lily putting eggs in her basket.

On the hunt!

Eating some of the candy.

Checking out the eggs with Uncle Jesse. He crouched down, so she had to too.

Looking for eggs...

Can you say TIRED??!! This is the same look her momma, daddy, and uncle Jesse get...

A close up of the TIRED BABY!


I think this may be their other cat, Leia, but I'm not sure since they look so similar (and no, they aren't related).

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