{Lily's Garden) Lilies

Two lilies I bought last year... I can't wait until they have flowers because I can't remember the colors! I was given these two from a friend of the family.

Three more I was given.

One of the lilies in the lily bed that has some nibbles on it but it's still growing well!

One I bought... I believe this is a deep red color, but time will tell!

The lily bed... the two biggest lilies are the first one we got when she was born from my parents (named Gordon Biggs) and the second from my parents for Lily's first birthday (I can't remember that name) and a few others that I was either given or bought.

A close up of one of my Asiatic lilies I bought last year.

This one is actually in the other bed but is another Asiatic lily.

This poor lily has been nibbled on more than any other! It hasn't even been given the chance to grow but it keeps on trying! If only I could figure out what's eating it and how to kill the bug.

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  1. I bet it is a rabbit, get a live trap and if you catch a cat it won't hurt it. You can either kill the rabbit or take it to the country. Love you. Janette


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