{Lily's Garden} Our Plants

Our one and only tulip. We never had one before but our neighbor has a few, so I guess it came over from her yard. It's definitely pretty though! Our new tree (to replace our old one) and the two miniature trees... this is where Lily's fairy garden will be.

A new succulent. I love the gray color.

Our super overgrown rose bush. Some day we will have a fence around Lily's garden (picket, not privacy) and an arch way/walk through with gate and hopefully this will be moved a foot or so in order for it to grow over.

Our rock garden. It's not much to look at right now because all of the plants that lived in containers died and we didn't replace them.

Our little garden. Last year we planted two raspberry bushes from my dad and they did nothing... so it's so nice to see some green on them! The corner plant is cilantro that I just planted. I'm thinking we need more herbs as I keep reading that they are good at replying pests!

Our phlox... It lives in a container and has been for a few years, eventually it'll be planted somewhere on the ground so it can spread out and be really pretty!

Phantom Petunia... I love these flowers! They are a super, velvetty black and some of them have strips of yellow throughout the petals. Mine are all black though! The light green plant on the side is Donkey Tail (there's a light green/yellowish plant in the background too but I didn't get a good picture of it).

One of our many hostas...

Our hydrangea... this one is from my grandmother when Lily was born. It already looks 100% times better than last year and has a ton of growth. AND, see the little baby plant on the side (towards the back of the photo)... it had a baby!

Our hens and chicks from Doug's mom. They've been going strong for a few years. The prickly pear cactus is in the back.

This is a small garden near our garage. I accidently killed the plant that uses the trellis last year, so it'll need replaced, but the rest of the garden is going crazy! It needs thinned out but that's definitely not high on my to do list right now.

My gray (or do you say grey?) hens and chicks. It's a newbie for us and I love the color!

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