Lily's Birthday

Lily turned 2! TWO!! Where did the time go?!

Obviously other things have taken up a lot of our time/energy/minds and I have yet to get the invitations out, anything bought for her birthday (which is kind of ok because we're a little broke!) and we haven't done much in the gift department (we meaning her parents).

We celebrated last night with some family while they were still in town and it was good to have something else to look forward to and focus on. We are so thankful that Lily is in our lives.

This Monday, Memorial Day, will be her actual party. I have A LOT of cleaning and preparing to do. When I say we don't have much, I mean it! I bought some pink plates and napkins months ago and have cups and utensils left over from last year (that might last forever) and that IS IT! No decorations, no pictures... nothing! I'll wait until the weekend to go buy food and I'm thinking of trying to make some of those tissue balls you see everywhere in blogland.

I really hope the weather will behave for Monday because I'd much rather have it outside than everyone inside. At least our AC works this year so the cake and I won't be melted before people arrive.

I'll try to post pics tonight. I'm taking pics of her tomorrow while in town for her doctor's checkup so we can continue the series from last year (I plan on taking her there until she makes me stop).

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