Living Room

I finally have ALL the original paint color covered in our living room! woo hoo!!! It calls for a celebration. The first coat of the paint is now up on all four walls and a second coat is about half way done. I had to stop for a lunch break and paint dry break too. I'd post BETTER pics but I can't find my cameras.... the big one may be in my car and the little one is MIA. So my phone will have to do for now.... BUT the color is better looking in person (for those that have recenly been to my house, it's the same color as upstairs).

After the paint is done, I have to finish the ceiling (yes, I should have finished that BEFORE in case of drips, but oh well!) and then there's the issue of trim... I'm going to paint all the baseboards white and I'd love to paint the three windows and the door too, but I may not have it in me. There is also the issue of the trim that seperates the livingroom and dining room... it'll go white too, but that's a lot of sanding, priming and painting! The good side of all of this is that Lily is at daycare the whole week, so if it's going to happen, this would be the time!

And because it finally opened today, here is a picture of my first lily of the year! It's one of the Asiatic Lilies from last year... there are a ton of buds on it and some on the other plants as well.


  1. Mom "G"June 6, 2011 at 10:37 AM

    I'll second that "Woo Hoo" It looks great with a lighter color on the walls. Probably will feel larger also.

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't YHL the best? I had no idea I surpassed the 100 mark - very awesome you let me know! Thanks! :)


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