My 2nd Tattoo

A couple days after my brother passed away, I was sitting in class (yes, I went back to work - it allowed me to get my mind semi-off of things until family came in) and I started sketching random things. After a few other sketches of my brother's initials (JRJ if you're curious and yes, the J is backwards for design reasons), this one popped into my head. I worked on it and after showing it to family (and posting on Facebook), we decided to get the tattoos that Sunday.

Obviously, I got mine on my back. My cousin A got it on her wrist, cousin L got it on her foot, and cousin I got it on his arm. Mine was the biggest and the girls' are the smallest (about a quarter size maybe), I's is a little smaller than mine.

The design is going to be other places and I had also thought of doing those "in memory" stickers for cars... Anyone know where to get them? I wouldn't put his name on it, I don't think he'd like it, but the people who know would have something for him and the people who don't know would just see the design.

It's definitely not the 2nd tattoo I had in mine when making up my list. I had thought that would be the one I want for Lily or even my koi but this one is super meaningful and it was a nice experience to go through with my cousins. Some day, when we see each other again, we'll get a photo of all of them together now that they are healed.



    Megan, this company did a custom window sticker for me that has held up great through four years of Texas sun. Mine was more complicated and had multicolors.

  2. I love the design! I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. My big brother designed my tattoo for me (he's a graphic artist), which is a tribal symbol for the holy trinity and it's on my back, too!

  3. this is a great looking tattoo, but of course its meaning to you is even greater. i am sure your brother would be honored that you and other family members got this in his memory.

  4. What a great design to honor your brother! I wish I could decide on a tattoo. I really want to get one


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