{Dining Room} Painting Power!!

This is a shot of my diningroom - ceiling, wallpaper, and horrible colors - all in one! See those odd shape white pieces? That's wallpaper. So is the white shape in the top left. And, of course, so is the border on the red walls. The white in the bottom right corner is part of the trim to the basement stairs. That's a different post.

Another shot of the weird cutouts and the white wallpaper on the ceiling.

And a close up for those really interested. It's textured. Luckily, it comes off with just some water and elbow grease!

It's all the same wallpaper actually. She (the previous homeowner) bought rolls of the crap paper and put it as is on the dining room ceiling in a rectangle but got creative when she cut out the borders for the living room and dining room. The living room had the rounded side cut out (as seen in some of the pics) and the dining room had the opposite of the round (the semi-plus sign pieces).

It'll all be gone soon! I started pulling off the wallpaper today... just stopped to sit down for a minute, check my school work, clean, run errands (including buying paint!!), and pick up Lily. I also stopped because it went behind my large buffet/china cabinet and the whole thing needs moved to paint so I'll do that tomorrow.

Wish me luck as I continue (with the help of my dad - woo hoo!!) the painting extravaganza that I'm on.

After all of this is done, I will have painted five rooms on the first floor and the entire upstairs. I'll then be calling it quits until we tackle the front bedroom at some point in the future.

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