Wallpaper Removal - On Trim!

I've removed a lot of wallpaper from this house and this is just one more case of how annoying wallpaper is... and how the previous owner was obsessed with wallpaper. It's been everywhere - walls, on top of other wallpaper, ceilings, and on trim. This is a case where it was on the trim work. But unlike before, she put it on BEFORE the trim was painted. Talk about a big pain!

Here's the wallpaper on the dining room trim (around the doors and the window)...

Here it is after I took off the first later of wallpaper (that included probably two coats of paint too).

And this is what I'm left with...

There is a nice circle of dry paint on every spot I took the circles off from. I'll get the joy of sanding the trim work before priming and painting. More work, yes, but at least the wallpaper is gone from one more room!

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