{Life Lately} Miss Lily's First Day

OK, so technically, it isn't her first day at daycare EVER but she did start a new one and she hasn't gone to her old daycare for months, so it was a big change for us. She had gone with me the other day to tour it and she really liked it. Today was no different and she did not want to go home! She showed me that she could climb and I know she had a blast. There is a girl there that went to her old one for awhile and they are close in age. They saw each other today and that was fun. Lily acted like she remembered and the other girl, who is a little older, definitely remembered Lily.

This daycare writes down what she eats for breakfast, lunch and snacks and anything else for the day. I actually am looking forward to the day she'll start bringing home little crafts.

She even had a first day of school outfit that was new thanks to a visit from Doug's parents! The pants are really cute on them but only a little show through in the one photo.

And don't you love the hair?! That's what happens when she goes to bed when it's wet (even though it was combed!).

By the way grandparents (and/or other family members), if you want copies of the photos I'm trying to get everything uploaded to my Shutterfly site. Same password as always for all the photos. They don't have the writing on anything, that's just for the blog.

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  1. it definitely seems like she will be tended to at this place, it's a great idea to keep track of what she eats there. that really is a little extra special.


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