{Life Lately} Dress Up

Doug had Spirit Week at his school a couple weeks ago and he dressed up using the items in the picture and then some. Well, Lily found them and had to try them on herself.... She is all about the funny faces and goofy attitude right now and this picture captures it (well, part of it anyway, she's so fun right now!).

I can't believe Halloween is tomorrow! Her costume is ready to go, along with a bag full of candy for her Halloween party at daycare. We're spending the evening with my aunt, cousin, and my parents. I plan on going Trick or Treating with Lily for a few houses at least - we'll see how she does tomorrow!

{Life Lately} Pumpkin Patch

I'll post more pictures when some 2 year old isn't begging for Blue's Clues on the computer (vs the TV - I seriously need an iPad for this girl!) but I wanted to post something.... These are three pics from the 3 years we've gone to the local Pumpkin Patch. I tried all three to be in the wagon but we didn't do it her first year. I'll find some more that are related.
Almost 2 1/2 years

2010, the first time she had her hair in the pony tail.

2009 - By far the cutest outfit but it also happened to be the coldest day and we weren't prepared. Taught us a lesson in parenting that day.

{Life Lately} Homecoming Celebrations

My friends and I met up on the local college campus and took Lily to go see all the house decorations they had. They also do skits but we only watched one due to timing and some issues from one house. However, at the one with the timing issues, they had this house as part of their props and the inside had been painted with chalk board paint. They allowed kids to go in there (it was about the size of most small kid play houses) and Lily fell in love!!! She had to be dragged out when I thought their skit was going to start. Too bad I didn't know about their issues or she could have stayed in another 20 minutes. But it was also late and so we went home shortly after this. Don't you like all the chalk on the coat? And of course, the pink. She's obsessed!!!

Caught in the action!!!

{Life Lately} Benefit Concert

My brother's friends used to be in a music group years and years ago. My brother had to be their biggest fan. And now, months after trying to set up a time that worked for everyone, they got together to put on a benefit concert for the Jimmy V cancer foundation. It was a really good concert and a lot of my family went to it - aunts, uncles, my one cousin that's in town, family friends, etc. The first pic is, obviously, of them (yes, I posted a pic where all their faces are blurred on purpose - the rest of the pics are on Facebook), and then the bottom is of my brother's best friend, me and the lumber jack looking guy is my husband. :-) Although the purpose of getting together was sad, it was great to see people enjoying their music again and to celebrate my brother in a positive, (semi) happy way. I hope they continue this for a yearly concert and to raise money for Jimmy V.


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