{Life Lately} Homecoming Celebrations

My friends and I met up on the local college campus and took Lily to go see all the house decorations they had. They also do skits but we only watched one due to timing and some issues from one house. However, at the one with the timing issues, they had this house as part of their props and the inside had been painted with chalk board paint. They allowed kids to go in there (it was about the size of most small kid play houses) and Lily fell in love!!! She had to be dragged out when I thought their skit was going to start. Too bad I didn't know about their issues or she could have stayed in another 20 minutes. But it was also late and so we went home shortly after this. Don't you like all the chalk on the coat? And of course, the pink. She's obsessed!!!

Caught in the action!!!

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  1. Megan, Lily is such a happy child. I still think she looks like Addie. Now I have a question...Is there any way to find out the color name of that blue/green paint that's on the walls of the pink/white/blue living room with the white fire place and the ladder book shelf? Was it from a magazine or online? Was it an ad for paint? Ruthie


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