{Living Room} Changes

This year's tree.

Last year's tree.
Besides some obvious changes with the tree, notice anything?!

Yes, we moved the tree.

It's the paint.

Doesn't the new paint scheme go so much better than what was previously there?! All white trim, no wall paper, and a nice tan instead of mustard yellow mixed with baby poop brown.

I'll try to get a better picture of everything but I only have the weekends for day light and we were busy this weekend with a 5 hour round trip (counting both ways) to visit some family for a surprise birthday party for my uncle and then I just was too busy yesterday.


  1. Yes, it does go better! Love your giant tree :)

  2. great big tree! are those your presents wrapped underneath it? oh lord, i haven't tackled mine yet.

  3. Sorry I'm so late to comment on this, but the new paint and trim look awesome! So much better than before. I really dislike it when people paint trim brown. Ugh. Do they think it makes it look more like the original wood tone or what? What happened to more pics? I'm assuming you didn't get any this weekend, seeing as you just got back from Florida! Hope you had a great time, you deserve it.


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