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I am trying to find a few old photos that I'm pretty sure were on my Mac before the good ol' crash of 2010. Ugh. I thought maybe they were on the old blog, but no luck so far. However, I did find this ... and I may post others too...

I used to decorate cakes. I kind of miss it. Some days I do. Some days I don't. I miss playing with cakes, being creative, trying out new recipes. I just looked around the net for a new brownie recipe and I want to try it, but then I want someone to take them away. I could give them away, but it's fun to sell them and know someone WANTS them. In exchange for their money. But that's a different story. Here are some of the 'party' cakes I did while I worked at a cake shop...

This cake was a blast. A little kid's birthday cake and they had brought in the plastic sea creatures. I loved how they left everything to me. They absolutely loved this cake. I love when they leave it to me and are extremely happy. They make the best customers.

Isn't this the cutest baby shower cake? It was actually off an invitation. I airbrushed the background and then did the figure and writing in icing to build it up. Too cute!

Only my favorite Sesame Street character! And it's a shaped cake!

It's a pizza! It's a cake! No, it's a pizza cake! (Sorry, couldn't refuse). Yep, all cake and icing. Cute, huh?

Some days you need a 'Just Because' cake. I forgot the reason to this, but why do you need one? It's Just Because!

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  1. So cool, I didn't know you were a cake expert! Those are some seriously awesome cakes!


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