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OK... so this is another old post from the old blog. Why have I continued to change blog addresses over the years? I need to keep one!

Anyway... this is Lily's room. I am definitely itchin' for a change!!! BUT... I will wait because we have plans to move her to the other bedroom once it's fixed up. The other day she said she liked her green walls but I really want a change. Maybe I can talk her into a pink room? Or neutral with lots of pink accents? Something besides the green. I love it in these photos but man it goes really green (think spearming gum) in person. But I did LOVE it when I first painted...

Oh, and while we're at it - this will be a FUTURE bedroom for a FUTURE baby. Don't go crazy Grandmas! But yes, we want another kid. I want to remodel this room too and go gray with a white bottom (beadboard or board and batten) and white trim. We'll keep the dark floors (duh!) and the dark bedroom furniture (crib and changing table/dresser) but I want to change up the closets if we can swing it in a remodel. Stay tuned for that!

The below comments are all what I posted in 2009 before we decorated and added other furniture. I'll have to clean it up and take more recent photos soon.


This is our baby's room NOW. Don't you love the green walls and off white trim?

Here's a good view of how the walls and trim look with the dark wood floors.

And here's our beautiful bed! My parents bought the bed and dresser/changing table combo and will be ordering the mattress soon.
(Side note - we did not keep the zebra rug in here... I bought a bright pink one that really needs replaced but it works for now. The zebra rug is waiting to be used somewhere else but is an indoor/outdoor rug so I'm thinking our front porch.)

Check out the blue color... and the nasty baby poop brown trim color...Oh, and let's not forget the previous homeowner put stencils AND wallpaper on the wall. However, when I took this picture, the wallpaper had already been taken down (it was an easy job, luckily!)

Here's a close up of the wall stencil she put up. It was a bronze/gold color. YUCK.

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