{Upstairs} Demolition

Another one from the old blog to show some of the upstairs remodel photos...


A Three in One!

These are the pictures I promised... as well as the beginning of what will be Meta Monday (we made a huge dent in the project yesterday, thanks to my parents!!!) and then, for Blue Monday, there is the ugly BLUE carpet. Luckily for us, it had already been pulled up and replaced but was still in pieces in our crawl space. Don't know why. We also found it's identical red/orange pair but only one little chunk. I'd hate to think of a whole room of either type...

Enjoy the pictures, more are to come as the next steps come!

There are a lot of pictures and so, I apologize for them not being in order. I'll work on that in the upcoming posts.

Doug tearing down the ceiling...

Rocky checking out the upstairs (an entire floor he has yet to really explore!)

Salvaged wood! There are some plans for a few pieces, none for the rest. But this was all in our crawl space. Future projects.. any ideas?

We threw the trash out the window so we didn't have to make the trip over and over.

This is the view from my closet area.

This is the peak of the roof. Old houses were made so differently than new ones!

My mom throwing trash out. It was kind of a game... the dumpster wasn't directly under the window, so you had to throw it out and hope the wind didn't catch it.

Taz, checking out the demolition... she did check it out more, but when people are around she stays back.

This is almost a before photo... our NW corner crawl space that's near my closet. We like the hidden door effect and are trying to figure out how to do that again.

NE Corner crawl space... this is for Blue Monday! ... check out the terrible carpet!

NE Corner again... check out the random pieces of wood for the floor. Those two pieces with the angled corners make a full size table!

My closet...or what's left of it.

The office demo! I was hammering out the shelves. Check out my belly!

A close up of a 7 month belly in a shirt that USED to fit...

I'm tearing down the ceiling!

Here's the east side of the room. Some day it'll have furniture and a TV. We're a long way from that.

Just another view of the above photo.

Doug doing some demo.

Ceiling demo...view from the stairs...

Ceiling demo again...

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