{Upstairs} Clean Up

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The room has been cleaned up (some) and so, I thought I'd take some pictures in spots that will be easy to repeat throughout the rest of the process...And also some detailed photos to show.

This is the view from the East to the West. The East side of the room will be the TV area, the West is my closet area.

This is the view South, into our office. I was standing where our bed will be.

View from the top of the stairs, looking NorthEast.

The rafters. We took out the nails and pulled off the insulation (talk about NASTY!). Another problem was that when they re-roofed the house, part of the black stuff from shingles came down onto the insulation.... it's nasty stuff that falls through onto your head.

This is the North window. We're replacing all the windows with new, vinyl, double hung windows. I can't wait! This window sits right behind our bed, so it'll be nice to be open the top and let in a breeze.

This is the view North (where our bed will be).

This is the stuff we're working on pulling down. Left over insulation and random junk... it's the nasty part of the job, as the fiberglass insulation is ITCHY!

Another shot of the "leftovers" ...

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