{Yard} Progress

Imagine a giant, ugly, "what is this type of bush" bush in the hole. I'll find a before pic some day this week but I need to get off the computer and go to bed before another busy week...

Anyway, Doug did an awesome job of finally attacking the giant bush. We tried a year or two ago with no luck but he won this time. It took him chopping the root ball into two and then going after each half separately. This whole is seriously like 5 feet wide and about 12-18 inches deep. Giant. It's the start of the front of Lily's flower garden and will hopefully be surrounded by a nice arbor (we saw one today I really want!) and then the start of a path. Can't wait!!!!


  1. lucky you! I have NO green thumb, all my flowers die!

  2. yay! i saw a cute arbor in the bj's catalog...think it was 199.99 or something?


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