Front Door Progress, Day 2 Part 1

Part 1....

If only someone was here to take photos of me while I tried to carry out a solid wood door. Ha!! For awhile, I was afraid I couldn't do it but I was so determined that I just had too. My determination met its match with a brand new bottle of stripper though, and the stripper won. But not the door!! Luckily I had another bottle that had already been open in our basement!

The door came off the hinges incredibly easy which was extremely helpful seeing as one side of the hinges is painted over and one is underneath some weather stripping.

I also took the hardware off. That was easy - just a few screws. Getting it back on should hopefully be just as easy. I have to get it all put back together before I can leave the house to pick up Lily!!

Anyway... Here is the door. It's almost done with the stripper. I'm letting it dry a little until I can tackle the paint some more. Most of it is done though!!!
Window detailed
More window detail. These little areas are tough to get!
More windows.
The hole is from the door knob hardware and the raised circle is from where I let the empty container of stripper sit (upside down) to drain out.
Underneath of the weather stripping piece on the bottom of the door.
Getting there!
All the paint is gone (well, for the most part, there's still some grossness in the window area)

And here's the door frame that I am also working on. Along with removing as much paint as possible (this part will all be repainted, not stained like the door), I am removing the caulk that helped sealed the area between the door frame and the brick walls of the house. 
The door frame and layers of paint.
Door frame - removing the old, cracked caulk that was attached to the door frame and bricks.

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