Front Door Progress, Day 2 Part 2

It's getting closer!! I made a lot of progress on the door today but there is still a lot to go. However, it's back on its hinges and the hardware is back on so my house is safe again. And all in time for me to relax a bit before picking up Lily.

As with any home project, this one is going to most likely cause a snowball effect. The interior of the door now needs touched up (ok this needed it before but needs it more now), the door jam definitely needs help (no surprise), the threshold needs some TLC and what may be the biggest is that now I want to paint the front porch floor. It's currently a brick red that's in need of paint. It's always got dirt and pollen on it thanks to some neighboring trees. Instead of fighting the issue, I may go with the dirt color and paint the whole thing a gray/tan color. Griege? Maybe. We will see. After that though, I know we will want to paint the porch railing. And of course, there's our sidewalk that is crying out for help. Oh the joys of homeownership.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's back up to the door....
This is why you wear gloves! My hand isn't even in the right glove and yet it's still stuck in that position.
GROSS! This is what I scraped off after I had most of the paint gone.
The grossness is worth it in the end because of this:

Full shot of the door. This is how I've left it.
There's a little bit of a story to the next photo. I just forgot to take a photo of it (although you can kind of see it from the full door shots). My dad told me that there was extra wood nailed to what's shown below. I'm assuming that it was for their screen door that they had here previous to us. Whatever the reason though it's gone. Now there's an even space around the whole door - see it? Yeah, it's tough. 
Isn't the beadboard ceiling nice? I've given thought to painting it a color. Maybe blue like my dining room?


  1. Wow... you're are a paint removing machine. I'm impressed. I don't think I would have the patience for that. But it looks great.

  2. I do love the beadboard! You are such a trooper to do this on your own! I am terrible at projects like these! Looks great!


  3. Looking good! I would totally paint that ceiling blue!!

  4. I can't believe how gross of a process this was, but the door looks awesome!!

    PS-totally go for the blue ceiling...I think it'll look fab! :)

  5. Saw your "I hardly ever get comments" comment on Bower Power and clicked on over! Too funny, I just stripped a door last week (though mine is not nearly as pretty, and has lived as a headboard in our bedroom for the last 8 years). We had SEVEN layers of paint, including one that was UNDER what I first thought was stain. Nope, artistically painted faux wood. Ew. I was repainting it for its new life in our guest room and couldn't get it sanded smoothly enough to not show paint layers, so out came the stripper. Ug, I hate that job! Looks like you did a beautiful job on yours though, can't wait to see what it looks like when you're all finished. And if the blue votes are for porch ceiling paint, totally do it. It helps to keep bugs away, sort of tricks them into thinking there's sky up there (now I don't know if that would mean you'd have a bug posse in your ceiling, but that's better than having them around your lemonade...). Our first house had a light blue porch ceiling and we loved it...


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