Seashell Mirror

A couple weeks ago I showed you this mirror that I wanted to makeover. After I chipped off the majority of the broken plaster, I spray painted the inside edge white (in case any of it showed) and started gluing on shells. I had 5 large shells (that are shown below) and one random red spiky shell (from an auction), so I glued those down first. They are all bigger than the rest, so I wanted to evenly space them out. I then went down in size, going to the medium size shells to balance out the mirror. Once they were glued down, I started with the rest. I finished up with the smallest shells and tucked in some where ever it was needed. I used probably close to 20 small glue sticks (why I ever bought the small glue gun is a mystery, it's annoying!). I did use hot glue as opposed to others. At first I was going to use the same glue I did on the DIY Bird Bath but between the smell and the fact that I was going to run out, I opted for hot glue.  

All of the shells are either from our trip to Florida or from Doug's grandmother's collection. I still have a lot left over so they went back in the glass vase I've had them in for years.
Don't mind the purple towel, I used it to keep the back of the mirror from scratching the table and floor while I worked.

The above shot is showing how I filled in some areas with smaller shells. I have one more thing to do before hanging it up and then I'll show you the final piece. It's a heavy, heavy mirror so I'm thinking it'll take extra support to hang it. But that's what the hubby's for, right?!

I'm thinking of hanging it upstairs. It'll hopefully brighten up the open stairwell and also it's one of the last big walls that needs something in our house. The colors of the shells go well with the other colors in the room (gray, tan, wood tone) and the wall needs something. Plus, it's not plaster like the entire first floor of the house, making it nearly impossible to hang some items!

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  1. oh my gosh, it's looking great! my inlaws would love this for their shore house. which glue did you use, though, i'm confused. i've used super glue for things i should have used a glue gun for, and vice versa. ugh.


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