A Fair Time

Here are the pictures from this year's fair. She enjoyed it a lot but was terrified of one ride and wouldn't go on another although she thought part looked fun. It'll be interesting next year to see what she likes and doesn't like. She still prefers the flying ride and motorcycles.

Click here for last year's pictures.

This is her new smile when you tell her to smile for the camera. It's slightly better than the "cheese" face last year.

Enjoying her first ride.

Getting the beauty wave down.

Riding with Mommy and Daddy.

Getting back to herself after the horribly scary (this year at least) roller coaster ride.

Not happy! Look at that face! She LOVED it last year!

Watching Mommy and Daddy on the big kid rides with Babby.

One of the big kid rides.

Daddy won her a duck. It squeeks. It's lovely....

Helicopter ride at night.

Loving the ride (sorry for her scary eye, it was red and the red eye reduction thing made it odd...)

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