{Lily Lately} Trains and Conversations

While taking a bath and sitting on her nonslip mat, Lily says:
"I'm too big for this mat. I'm a big girl and soon I will shower like a big girl. I be big like mommy and daddy and Babby and Papa and Mary."

She also said her hair is crazy and it tickles.

I'd like to continue these since I know most people read this blog for Lily updates (well, the family at least... or at least I think that since no one comments on here but will tell me in person).

And because no post is complete without a picture...

As we were getting ready for bed, we had this little conversation:

M: Lily, it's 8 o'clock, it's time for bed.
L: But Mom, it's not dark out.
M: I know honey, but it's late and it's your bed time.
L: But I don't want to go. What time is it?
M: It's 8.
L: 8 o'clock?
M: Yes.
L: 8. O. Clock. (emphasis on every single word)

Once we get into her room and we're cleaning up after brushing her teeth and changing into her jammies, Lily has a wipe in her hand.

L: Look Mommy, I made a ball.
M: Yes, it is.
L: It's very fragile.
M: It is?
L: Yes, it's fragile. (she is carefully holding it in her hands as if it was really fragile and whispering)
M: What are you going to do with it?
L: Keep it for Daddy and Mommy and Lily.
M: Oh yeah?
L: Yep, so we can play.
M: Daddy's not home, can we play later?
L: OK (kind of sad).
M: Can I have it?
L: Yeah...

As we were doing good night kisses and hugs, she kisses me quickly and says "I need a better one!"

We then play "hide 'n' seek" while I'm holding her.

It's the little things.... and I definitely want to remember these moments before she's giving me more attitude!!!

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  1. I read, and I'll comment! My girl asked when she would be able to take off her "outer layer of skin". Huh? Apparently, she wanted to know when she can start shaving! These girls are so dang cute!


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