Lily's Play Yard

Last year we created Lily's swing set and for her birthday this year, my parents gave her a gigantic spiral slide. The slide needs a place to be put though, so enter in what we finally got around to building yesterday. It's not done, it needs about another day of hard work or so (minus the concrete in the holes and its dry time).

Here's the crew (minus me and my mom) - Lily in her pink, frilly Dora dress, my dad and Doug.
Those are 6x6 posts for support. This baby's built better than the majority of new homes!

Lily helping her Papa checking the distance between the two poles. 

Another cute shot of Miss Lily helping.

And Blogger's being weirdi about the next images and not letting me make them bigger ... sorry!

The supports. The "frame" around (horizontal) will be the floor. It's 5 feet up from the front and a little more (over my 5'6" head) on the back due to the slope of our yard. It'll be where the slide attaches and will have some more supports of course for safety. We're thinking below the deck underneath would be a good place for something extra fun but we've yet to decide. Suggestions? We've thought of a little picnic table for her, a rock box (instead of sand), or a little house. 

Another shot of how it's attached to the previously built swing set. They are two bolts (possibly 2 more will be added) attaching the swing set to the 6x6's to keep it more stable too).

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