{Ohio} Cedar Point

Years ago, 2006 in fact, Doug and I didn't have the money for our honeymoon and decided that we'd do a theme park themed honeymoon whenever we could get away and have money. We have done two already (that are closer to home) over the years and we finally drove the 10+ hours to Sandusky, Ohio - home of Cedar Point. It's a great place that I had been too previously but Doug had never gone. Plus, theme parks are great about adding new things so it's always new.

We arrived Tuesday evening and this was the view from our hotel. It was called a "bay view" and I'm not sure what bay this was but it was nice. I love the water and so this was great. The weird pattern is from the screen. The entire balcony was screened in, which was nice to keep the bugs away and also safe to keep people from falling in, but wasn't great for photos.

This was our deck the next day, I was trying to take a photo of the cute little bird that was starring at me but this was the closest I got. Oh well. It at least shows our balcony, the boardwalk (connecting the TGI Fridays on one end of the hotel and the other end of the hotel).
Here's another shot the next night. The building on the right is a part of the hotel spa and houses their indoor pool. It's complimentary if you buy any of their services but we didn't know that until after we stayed two nights (and used their services but left afterwards).

Inside the hotel was a breakfast restaurant that we went to both mornings. It was all you can eat and included almost everything you'd want - fruit, yogurt, cereals, eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy (delicious gravy for a hotel!), pancakes, French toast, syrup, pastries and breads. It was a great little place and decorated with a beach theme. I took a photo of this one because my grandpa's name was Rex and he was into boats so I thought my family might like it.

I'll show my Cedar Point photos later, I just wanted to prove that I'm still here!

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