{Ohio} Cedar Point's Rides

Doug and I chose to go to Cedar Point because it's a day's drive from our house (a long one, but still do-able) and because it's one of the best theme parks in America. I could have probably spent an entire day taking photos with my real camera and not just my phone, but that wasn't going to happen. We even ended up renting a locker for the majority of the day. We had to to ride some of the rides but also because their water rides get you SOAKED! Other theme parks gets you a little wet, but I went under every single waterfall in one ride and my clothes (we didn't wear our swim suits since we weren't going to the actual water park) were wet for hours.

Anyway, enough talk, here are the pictures....

Our drive onto the island - you can see the rides in the distance.

Skyline and Lake Erie from the Ferris Wheel.

We actually didn't ride this ride but have before. Two "legs" go up fast and down slow, the other two go up slow and down fast so you have a choice.

Another view of the Lake and the park.


  1. whoa, what the heck is that twisty spiral thing? that looks super scary!

  2. This place looks so neat. I had never heard of it before. Are you getting all geared up for school?


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