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My closet is about to see another change... small, but it'll help me a lot! But before I discuss it, let me take you back to what it has gone through.

This is when we gutted everything. The brick wall on the right is the exterior wall of the house (yes, our entire house is just brick). The reddish wall on the left is shared with our small bathroom and I'd love for it some day be bumped out into my closet to include a shower in there. But that's another story. 

So that's what it looked like after we ripped down the drywall, pulled out all the nasty pink insulation, and before I removed thousands of staples and nails. Talk about gross.

Here it is after it the exterior walls were made deeper by adding 2x4's, insulated with spray foam insulation (awesome stuff!), and drywall. 

And here is it with the supports. There's a slight angle to the ceiling so the white board is actually straight (although it doesn't look like it). We saved some money by reusing the white bracket supports that were used previously. However, my dad added the additional support with the white boards so that the weight of my clothes wouldn't rip apart the drywall. 

And then I decided to paint the supports. I figured it'd blend all in. The white brackets are still white but when clothes are on it, it's not a big deal. 

And here it is after a much needed organizational sort through. It's still crazy to look at but it's organized, relatively clean, and there's space for the rest of my clothes! 

If you look at the photo above, I've sorted my clothes... the far left section (between wall and first bracket) are long sleeve shirts (I don't own many), sweaters and some light weight jackets. Oh, and my scarves. The second section are my pants. I just sorted through these, found some to donate and folded a bunch which are underneath on the floor (sandwiched between way too many sweat shirts and some flip flops and my giant troll slippers). The third section are my shrugs, cardigans, and 3/4 sleeve shirts. The fourth section are my shirts with shorter sleeves. I wear a lot of these for work so that I'm not constantly pushing up sleeves or getting dirty (I am an art teacher!) and the fifth section, that you can't see are my tank tops and some nicer t-shirts (normally school related or sport themed). I do have a dresser in here that's packed with other things - painting clothes, swim suits, pajamas, underwear, socks, stuff like that.

I'm thinking that since this area is really big, that I'll bring in additional storage with shelves and baskets. You can see I need it!

The biggest thing though... is that we have the board for above the brackets now and it'll be cut to size this weekend! I'm thinking it's big enough that it'll be the start of some more shelves. I know there's not a huge amount of space to put things on the shelf but it'll be great for some smaller items, frames, and some of my shoes.


  1. Love the closet progress so far! An organized closet is heavenly to me. When you can see what you have and access everything easily, it is SUCH a life saver! :)


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