{Ohio} Stealing Sand

While Doug and I were at Cedar Point, we left the park to enjoy a walk on the beach of Lake Erie. While enjoying the quietness and smooth sand, I remembered these ornaments and how I had already started my collection when we went to Florida and I picked up some sand. This time around, however, I wasn't prepared with a baggy. We did have a backpack with some snacks and things in there. If I had been thinking, we would have kept one of the soda bottles we had but of course that didn't happen. So, we came up wit this... 

It's a fruit roll up wrapper with one of my bandaids on it (fresh, unused) to hold it close. We really didn't want to sand everywhere in our new backpack. 

It's the perfect amount to be put in an ornament for Christmas so we can remember our trip. 

So maybe I should post something about how you shouldn't really steal sand.... so, let's just call it relocating... 

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