{Front Door} Framed

I'm sorry I don't have any in between photos to show you the process of how this happened but my dad worked his magic (he's been in construction for 30+ years) and worked hard to help finish off my door. As you may remember, this is how we left off, cracked junk (insulation?!) and all. Horrible. But it's still better than it was in the beginnning.
Anyway, this is what I came home to today (and yesterday was about the same too, but I noticed a few small changes today). Isn't she beautiful?!!?
Notice in the pictures the round oval is still noticeable? Well, we have plans for that! It'll happen once we have a spare $100 to order a Ramsign for our house. And once we figure out what we want on it - our address, just the number or number and street, or our name? Decisions, decisions.
My dad sanded it and varnished it while I was working. He also made a frame to hide the ugly leftovers from a DIY project gone wrong (someone butchered the frame when they put an old screen door on). My dad's frame also helped close the gap that was covered up by some serious caulk lines.
The frame isn't finished. It needs painted a final coat but the white is a great step towards being finished. I love it! Now I just need it to be summer so I can paint the front porch and window sills and our front porch will be done.
Thanks Dad!!!
You can read all about the front door here, or by clicking on various posts. Here's what it looked like before, this is what it looked like when I finally took some paint remover and a scraper to it, and here are more of the steps that happened as I removed layers, layers, layers, and more layers of paint and built up caulk.

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