{Weekend} Busy Saturday

Saturday was a busy day! I guess that's just a theme in our lives lately. First I met up with a friend who gave me her extra ticket for the Mizzou Homecoming game and I couldn't pass it up! As many of you know, this is our first year in the SEC and we haven't been doing well. However, we won! So we're not the worst team out there.
After that, I ran home, grabbed Lily and went to work to help out in our first Safe Trick or Treat. We thought it would be a great idea for our students to be seen in the community and offer a great service to the kiddos in town. We kept it simple and we hope it grows in the following years. We had door decorations and candy at each classroom for kids 5th grade and younger to come to. Our students did a great job and it was fun to see the little ones.
Of course, Miss Lily had to come participate too. She is a fairy (I forgot the wings in the car but she didn't care) and she helped pass out candy. She was terrified of the school mascot (a big bird) and so she stuck to me even though she has met some of the students before. She did eat her share of candy and the rest is now in her treat jar (except for the chocolate that may or may not be eaten by a parent or grandparent...). I promise to get better pictures Wednesday for the real Halloween Trick or Treating.

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