{Lily Lately} Uh oh

When I picked up Lily Friday from daycare, she was tired. She wanted her jammies on as soon as we got home and since I was busy the previous two nights at work with parent teacher conferences, I didn't want to do anything either. So jammies it was! When Doug got home from work we had just finished up playing in her room and I walked out of her room to talk to him right as he was looking in. The little stinker found out she could crawl up to the top of her dresser/changing table (yes, we still use it and not just the floor). Luckily the furniture has been an extremely good purchase and very sturdy (it's from JCPenney in 2009). We asked her to repeat it so we could see and she did it with a giant smile on her face! When she crawled down, she bounced in the drawer and we did hear a little something so we had the talk of "let's not do this again" which she seemed to understand. She's super athletic, so this was just a matter of time and I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner!

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